Shower Glass Repair
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Shower Glass Repair

Bring a touch of elegance and value to your bathroom with a new, custom-designed and expertly crafted shower door. We are known for seamless and accurate shower glass installation and shower glass repair in Northern Florida, and our customers are always satisfied with the results.

Types of Shower Frames and Doors

Shower Door Frame Types

Framed shower doors

    • Better performance
    • Cost-effective
    • Glass thickness between 3/16 and 1/4 inch thick
    • Thinner glass requires a metal frame

Semi-frameless shower doors

    • Thicker glass
    • Noticable frame
    • A compromise between a framed and a frameless shower door
Shower Glass Repair

Frameless shower doors

    • More aesthetically pleasing
    • Customizable
    • Lower mold risk
    • Clear or tempered glass
    • Glass thickness between 3/8 and 1/2 inch thick

Shower Door Types

Shower Glass Installation

Shower Door Types

  • Swinging shower doors:

    Known as a pivot door, single pane of glass attached to the wall that swings in either direction.

  • Sliding shower doors:

    Known as a bypass shower door, glass panels sit in a frame and can slide right or left to open and close.

  • Rolling shower doors:

    Similar to sliding shower doors however, the bottom panes include small wheels which glide along a tracking rod.

  • Panel shower doors:

    Known as a bifold shower door, pane of glass is fixed to the wall while another is fixed with hinges to the opposite wall.

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Shower Glass Installation

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